Ballot Freedom Petition

Dear Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger:

It’s no secret that Georgia has the nation’s most restrictive and repressive election laws.

  • All alternative political parties have been hindered from running a full slate of candidates in Georgia since 1943 when the ballot restrictions were first implemented.
  • Georgia has averaged only 1.2 independent presidential candidates on the ballot since 1972—the worst in the nation.
  • No independent candidate has qualified for the general election ballot for Congress in Georgia since the law was changed in 1964 to further restrict the ballot.
  • Georgia has the most uncompetitive state legislature in the country – 81% of candidates in the November 2016 General Election ran unopposed, 61% in 2018.

Secretary Raffensperger, the right to vote means nothing if my choices are restricted by state law to only candidates backed by GOP and Democrat duopoly.

I am appalled that even after a federal court ruled against your predecessor and ordered more reasonable requirements for Presidential candidates to help level the playing field, he appealed the decision so you could restore the regulations that restrict my ballot and take away my freedom to choose other candidates.

That’s why I’m joining my fellow Georgians to sign my Ballot Freedom Petition and demand more choices on my ballot.

It’s time for you end voter disenfranchisement in this state and start working for interests of all Georgia voters.

Who's signing

Robert Williams
howland david
Artalina Lecoin
Chris Mullen
Chris Mullen
Leonard Reed
Jonathan Bartlett
Leslie McPherson
Christopher Stovall
Dana Sealock
Stephen Spivey
Bob Harris
Edward Tanton
Patricia Bullard
Amos Causey
Norman woodward
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